Mixed Dot 51 500grams lot Mix Colors Round Dot Spangle shape glitter Flake cosmetic powder for nail Gel Neon Purple in Nail Glitter from Beauty Health

Mixed Dot 51 500grams lot Mix Colors Round Dot Spangle shape glitter Flake cosmetic powder for nail Gel Neon Purple in Nail Glitter from Beauty Health
Mixed Dot 51 500grams lot Mix Colors Round Dot Spangle shape glitter Flake cosmetic powder for nail Gel Neon Purple in Nail Glitter from Beauty Health

Product Specification

Item Type: Nail Glitter

Quantity: 6465676

Material: plastic

Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Model Number: Dot 51

NET WT: 500grams

name: Glitter dot mixes nail art glitter

spangle glitter: Glitter Paillette Spangle Shapes

mixed: Mixed Dot

packaging: 500grams

styles: resistant nail glitter

details: Glitter Paillette Spangle Shapes

nail art glitter: Glitter dot mixes nail art glitter

Nail Art Glitter Craft Decoration: for Nail Art Glitter Craft Decoration and Makeup

pack: 500g solvent resistant nail glitter

items name: Glitter Paillette


Mixed Dot  51-500grams/lot Mix Colors Round Dot Spangle shape glitter Flake cosmetic powder for nail Gel  (Neon Purple)

Beautiful glitter dot mixes in different fun colors

Shiny circle glitter in mixed sizes and colors in mostly cool tones like pink, purple,blue, purple, black, and white, with accents of metallic gold! These would work great on decoden cases, in custom resin cabochons, for scrapbooking, nail polish supplies, slime, and other crafts.

Glitter Shape: Glitter Round Dot

Glitter Size: Differen Sizes Glitter Mixes

Glitter Pack: 500gram

Glitter Color: Different Colors Mixed as the picture

(The real color of the product may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website. Because the effect of the product may not be fully reflected by the pictures, hope you could understand )






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