New Phone Proximately Sensor Rubber Sleeve For Ulefone Power 5 MTK6763 Octa Core 6 0 quot FHD 2160x1080 Free Shipping in Mobile Phone Housings amp Frames from Cellphones amp Telecommunications

New Phone Proximately Sensor Rubber Sleeve For Ulefone Power 5 MTK6763 Octa Core 6 0 quot FHD 2160x1080 Free Shipping in Mobile Phone Housings amp Frames from Cellphones amp Telecommunications
New Phone Proximately Sensor Rubber Sleeve For Ulefone Power 5 MTK6763 Octa Core 6 0 quot FHD 2160x1080 Free Shipping in Mobile Phone Housings amp Frames from Cellphones amp Telecommunications

Product Specification


Model Number: Ulefone Power 5

Design: Bar

Material: Plastic


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3.This is not an easy job for someone who has no technical skills in Disassembling or Assembling  phones,
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We will not be responsible for any damages to the phone if you have no technical skills in changing of replacement parts.


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[Tips]:  If you meet problem during installation, please try 3 Steps below:

1. Please check the connected wire, the connection.

2. Please try to factory-reset your phone to have a try..(button operation).

3. Please try to update your phone ROM firmware to the newest. (computer operation.)


Package Included:

1x Ulefone Power 5 New Phone Proximately Sensor Rubber Sleeve



New Phone Proximately Sensor Rubber Sleeve For Ulefone Power 5 MTK6763 Octa Core 6.0" FHD 2160x1080 Free Shipping + Tracking Number



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